Einstein’s Last Request:
A Multidimensional Regenerative Film Project

R. Bretminster Fullofit
4 min readApr 5, 2023


SYNOPSIS AND PART 1 of the Series


The evolutionary aspect of Einstein’s Last Request is to use most of the film budget to buy ‘land’ and ‘props’ and build the ‘set’ as well as staging the ‘festival’. Part of any partnership with producers or studios would be that our compensation is clear stewardship of the land and sets/props. This way we are building a ‘real’ location with things like housing, etc. for the children and creating jobs, and after filming the location stewards itself.

We can build 100 sustainable/regenerative eco-city communities with alternative energy devices, organic food and every paradigm shifting technology (both physical and spiritual) available. Then, when we film the concert’s scenes, we sell tickets, food, shirts, etc. to the ‘concert festival audience’ and because the film producers are profiting on actual film, DVDs, distributions, etc. they are satisfied.

The paying audience will be assured (through Blockchains) that %100 of profits from the concert go towards the children/building/new technologies/etc. — so it could be a win-win-win for producers, children, audiences, and the Planet.

Benefit concerts raise billions of dollars in capital and resources, we keep staging them in response to diseases and disasters, to recognize atrocities… it is time we held a benefit festival in the name of Love.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

The greatest outcome possible would be finding Spiritual-Evolutionary Philanthropists who resonate with this request. This kindred Pod is what the main character has invoked in the screenplay. That is… some people are so abundant that they can easily produce a project like this and be comfortable using their resources and wealth to do something amazing for people, film and history.

This screenplay and project was conceived between 2008–2010 so many of my own ideas and of course the world, have evolved. The spirit and general direction of this project remain but I am very conscious of the need to re-imagine a lot of the details. I am a co-creator, so for me, this is a seed idea welcoming its own evolution.

For me, the path of redefining how music, film and philanthropy can work together to co-create reality is where my heart resides.

Screenplay Synopsis:

6 months ago, James Douglas inherited billions of dollars in assets and resources including his grandfather’s love, The Israeli Daily News. What does a person who wasn’t expecting that type of responsibility do in this situation? James wasn’t sure which direction to follow so he starts with becoming senior editor at the paper. One morning he receives a phone call from General Moshe, the person in charge of a recent military accident in the Gaza Strip where,

“At least 10 Palestinians, including six members of one family on a picnic, were killed when Israeli shells blew up on a Gaza strip beach as children frolicked in the sand, Palestinian sources said. The Israeli army also launched an investigation and expressed regret for any harm caused to innocent civilians.” (Actual Quote Taken From Newspaper Article circa 2008)

General Moshe expresses deep regret and the desire to share with the world his experience and transformation from ‘military man’ into pacifist. James is so moved by the General that he realizes his first ‘big’ move with the fortune he has been blessed with. Honoring the General, James decides to stage a 7 day philanthropy music event, The New Jerusalem Concert Festival. He decides to use all of his own funds with 100% of gross income being dedicated to the creation of a modern, sustainable academy to unite children left without families in Israel and Palestine. He believes that the youth can realize that they do not have to carry the weight of historical belief systems that separate the two cultures. He believes beginning in The Middle East is the most definitive statement of peace and transformation that could be modeled for the world.

“The Pioneers of a Warless World Will Be The Youth Who Refuse Military Service” Albert Einstein

As James makes his way into creating this plan, he begins to create disturbances in the collective consciousness by hinting that he is the Messiah… not only of Judaism (his birth heritage) but also the Messiah of Christianity… fulfilling both roles in one being. James has set out to create a paradigm shift in how the world perceives money and collaboration… what we can do with these resources if our intentions flow directly from our hearts. He calls this shift in perception Spiritual Philanthropy and The Holographic Economy and takes the risks involved as a leader of this transformation.

“In A Time Of Universal Deceit — Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act”
George Orwell



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