Introducing Daemos


A groundbreaking music collaboration platform that connects individuals with their higher selves to create authentic, raw, and emotive musical expressions. Daemos transcends conventional music creation by combining the concepts of the daemon in psychology and demos in music, fostering a unique space where intuition, inner wisdom, and deep connections drive the creative process.

Our platform encourages participants to engage in meditation and introspection, tapping into their inner daemons to unleash their innate creativity. Through a synergy of higher selves, Daemos fosters collaborative compositions that capture the essence of genuine emotions and unfiltered connection.

These recordings preserve the raw, powerful energy of the creators, emphasizing authenticity over commercial polish. With a strong focus on sharing and growth, Daemos invites listeners to experience profound connections to the creators’ higher selves while fostering a supportive community that encourages personal and collective development.

As the platform expands, participants can form new connections, resonating with others who share similar creative visions, ultimately creating an ever-evolving network of intuitive, soulful musical collaborations.

Embrace the future of music creation with Daemos, where the power of introspection and collaboration between higher selves transcends boundaries and inspires the world.



R. Bretminster Fullofit

Agent-Eccentric Evocauteur *Guerilla Ontologist* *Visionary Troubadour* *Rebel Without A First Cause* *Star of 'Unbreakable Spirit'* *Performance Artivist*