Mental Health Reformation Act 1

R. Bretminster Fullofit
4 min readSep 12, 2021


Transforming Perceived Mental Illness Into A Blessing

This is a living screenplay of Storyliving.. to be emergent.

Inviting investors, patrons and biz partners to find out about a groundbreaking project for mental health, including cures for perceived mental illness. I said it. CURES.

Thank you.

In short:

I am developing a Transmedium TV Show with new and old concepts like infinite gamification, regenerative filmmaking, and Storyliving.

The show is about my Hero’s Journey in transforming perceived mental illness into a blessing. When the show hits the episode where we reach the present moment it’s tone will shift from biopic to living screenplay about my quest to manifest a civil rights movement for the soul, and a glocal mental health reformation. The show is a genre-busting hybrid; part social impact entertainment, part reality-based TV, part incubator and accelerator, and part documentary and alternate reality game. And more.

The show will follow us as we create the first of many ‘Moksha Foundations’ which are new answers in reconceiving mental illnesses and addictions as gifts to be explored and utilized for full potential creativity, prosperity, and service.

There’s other details.

I have a western trained psychiatrist in both Cairo and Germany who would love to be directors of 2 of these first Foundations when funds are generated through the many streams of revenue that a Transmedium production can provide compared to standard TV productions. Not to mention, the regenerative film aspects mean that ‘sets ‘ and ‘props’ etc will be used by people after being used for productions and go on to generate jobs, food, products, goods and services.

This is all tip of the iceberg. We also have a wonderful collective intelligence process from a business partner of mine which uses an Alice in Wonderland framework, which beautifully complements the entire feel of the media aspects and practically builds a database of mental health stories, experiences, cracks, grievances and new possible ways to help people heal.

I’ve got serious interest from several angles including a PBS representative and Los Angeles mental health incubator, to name just a couple of the synchronistic events unfolding as my healing accelerates.

I’m looking to connect with pioneering experts in any related fields, to explore potential collaborations and to explore potential paid wisdom and advice council contributions for the project overall. A co~creation tank, if you will.

You can learn some more about me with multiple links at:

The link doesn’t have TV show info , working on deck for that in private but can talk about it on zoom to people. I’m also working on new site as well as a site for our project, A Call to the Mothers, which is ready to do an amazing pilot with an amazing man from Malawi, Brown Masingati. We’ll be going live next week with cofounding stewards of the Call Romila and Hilary Van Welter.

On my wall you’ll also see that I’m in process of a live iterative challenge to live my story of magickal musical medicine and learn how to play and perform the songs that saved me from suicide many years ago. I’m going to catalyze eventually though this and the TV show, a live aid we are the world like tipping point for mental health and addiction awareness, reconnection, and reformation.

Also opportunity to launch this reformation here in Cairo with a cool Microcosmic prototype event in prep for big concert Peace Day 2022 at the Pyramids; we know the folks who own and rent out the Giza Plateau and they were up for supporting something for our tech project before covid landed.

There’s possible opportunity with Zinc Ventures and their mental health business incubator. Also opportunity to pilot live and VR event in Ramona Park with potential partners in Los Angeles in Spring. Also Installations on a river in Missouri and at an amazing location in Indiana and Calgary with friends like Karen Stanwood Jenkins and J Daka Phoenix. Then there’s approx 19 locations throughout the east coast due to the dedicated efforts of one magickal Geni. There’s 30 pristine square miles in Brazil looking for a backer and land in New Mexico, a farm in Vermont and many others. The list of what’s been cultivated over the last decade is extensive and could take pages; all of which will be documented here over time. ALL of them ready and willing to host or catalyze some aspect of the Moksha Foundations Sets to be networked together for the all win.




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