The 7 S’s of Co~creation

R. Bretminster Fullofit
2 min readAug 17, 2021


by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Syntony: attunement with the patterns of creation experienced as one’s own inner motivation and intuition.

Synergy: the coming together of diverse & unique parts to form a new whole different from, greater than and unpredictable from the sum of its parts.

Synchronicity: the apparent a-causal relationship among events; coincidences that could not be planned by human mind but that appear to flow from a larger and more comprehensive design.

Suprasex: the passion to express unique creativity, stimulated by vocational arousal, comparable to sexuality at the next level; instead of joining genes to procreate, we join genius to co-create — to give birth to our greater Self and to our work in the world.

Syntropy: nature’s tendency to form whole systems of greater complexity, consciousness and freedom; evolution’s tendency to optimize.

Spontaneity: the experience of unpremeditated action and thought that flows naturally without thinking or planning; action that is on the mark, which facilitates and coordinates life.

Self-creativity: the tendency in nature to organize itself; autopoesis; the inherent capacity in nature to self-organize without apparent outside manipulation, springing from the field of Universal Intelligence out of which everything is arising.

“This term, coined by Eric Jantsch in his book Design for Evolution, described one of the ways of accessing conscious evolution, as mentioned earlier. The relationship between the cosmic design and the individual intensifies through some form of syntony or resonance. Syntony feels like guidance, intuition, or direct knowing. We do not have to figure out what to do. We know. We perform with spontaneous right action. The inner world of subjective experience and the outer world of objective reality blend and become one. We and the world “outside us” are interconnected in one larger field of intelligence. The great flashes of awareness that mystics have experienced throughout history are reinforced and normalized. Each of us becomes more attuned to the deeper patterns; intuition and intellect blend. The mystical state becomes grounded and manifested in spirit-motivated social action.” Page 173 of Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard (copyright 2015)



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