Thought Leadership For Late Stage Capitalism

R. Bretminster Fullofit
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Let’s skip the fluff. I went from $0 to $14 in revenue with these “Neuro-Marketing” Manipulations…

And I’m a College Dropout.

I know this sounds like buzz words and hype.
Trust me I get it.
And it is.

However, none of this is much of a stretch when you think about how this is done:

All I’m doing is revealing the actual BRAIN SCIENCE behind the world’s most ignorant CEOs, Entrepreneurs, & Businesses…

But here’s the catch (there’s always one, right?)…

There’s no one else out there teaching this.
You can’t find this on YouTube or HuffPost…
I am your savior.

So you need to join me on this 5 Day Greed Breakthrough Challenge to get these secret manipulations–

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Here’s a sneak preview:

They’re calling ME the discovery of the century 🧠 🧠

Neuroscientists have found there are “Neurological Buying Triggers” that you can push to addict a customer’s BUYING button…

✅ So you get more sales-qualified leads & create rabid fans of your offer.

…allowing you to achieve ANY business/revenue/income goal faster and easier than ever before.

Let me put it in Capitalism:

With these Buying Triggers (or “Dopamine Buttons”), I was able to…
🚀 Generate billions in bad karma
🚀 Attract huge floods of qualified bad karma
🚀 Grow my social media to over 1M followers of bad karma
🚀 Create the systems that automatically run HALF my bad karma
🚀 Take 2 companies publicly into bad karma
🚀 And write and sell 2 NYT bestselling books of bad karma

And here’s the true beauty of this:

The Marketing manipulation secrets I’m going to teach work in dozens of industries 🤯 🤯

Don’t risk being stuck for another lifetime.

Get your karma for this ONCE-A-YUGA Greed Challenge kicking off on Feb. 18th.



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Without exaggeration it could be the most important thing you do in 2021.

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Top Secret Link

All praise to the flying lasagna and source of inspiration for this article where I may have borrowed some copy from!!! AJohn Assaraf Facebook Ad/Post …



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