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“Let us boldly go…”

The Together UFO

A Holomovement of Co-creation
Whole People Create Whole Systems
Chaordia or Bust
Utopia or Oblivion


A Holomovement and the Music of the Holospheres

From Spaceship Earth to Together UFO:

Generally speaking, “Spaceship Earth” is ‘a worldview encouraging everyone on Earth to act as a harmonious crew working toward the greater good.’ In 1968 the renowned American philosopher, systems theorist, architect, and inventor, Richard Buckminster Fuller popularized the term “Spaceship Earth” as part of his book, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Fuller, inventing his World Game in the 1960’s, had a ‘global perspective and his contention was that we now need a systems approach that deals with the world as a whole, and not a piecemeal approach that tackles our problems in what he called a “local focus hocus pocus” manner. The entire world is now the relevant unit of analysis, not the city, state or nation.”

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From the current work of physicists like Nassim Haramein and others, we also are finally beginning to truly understand how Earth appears to be hurling through the Galaxy on a journey.

Like an autopoietic strange attractor event horizon, we are being pulled syntropically, and evolving into our telerotic destiny as a unique self symphony and collective hero’s journey. We are literally an organic, living and conscious ‘vehicle’ (spaceship earth) travelling as consciousness through consciousness as an externalized Universe of projection and perception!

The Earth was once conceived to be ‘flat’ then it was understood to be ‘round’ and we propose it is most accurately understood right now as ‘Holonic’ which is also fractal-like; a holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. ‘Fractals can be understood as patterns that recur at evolutionary infinite scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.’

Therefore, ‘as a harmonious crew working toward the greater good,’ let’s upgrade from the more mechanistic and 20th century notion of a ‘Spaceship Earth’ to a more autopoetic, advanced and holistic conception of a living system that is holonic, fractal, organic and co~created, which is united, universal and ultimately unnamable, whereby even beyond the aforementioned ‘entire world’ we take consciousness to be the fundamental and ‘relevant unit of analysis’.

The DAOs that can be blockchained are not the eternal DAOs

Looking back through the glass onion as backcasting evolutionary artivist mediums we laughed to ourselves and thought, ‘Why did they think we needed more blocks and chains?!?!?!?!’


Unnamable, Universal and United Fractal Organism

A living system of co~creation composed of harmonious interdependent explicate eXpressions of consciousness that maintain various vital processes of the apparently undivided whole.


Inspired by physicist David Bohm and his words:

The holomovement brings together the holistic principle of ‘undivided wholeness’ with the idea that everything is in a state of process or becoming. In this interpretation of physics wholeness is not considered static, but as a dynamic interconnected process…

The Together UFO takes this description and expands it conceptually (and ultimately it will be applied mettaphysics and unified physics) to also represent the fractal holographic nature of each unique being as both a whole and a part of a planetary scale spirit-motivated social movement from wholeness towards wholeness; where each of us is a unique movement, and together, synergistically, we are a symphony of movement… a Holomovement!


The Together UFO is a living system of co~creation composed of harmonious interdependent explicate eXpressions of consciousness that maintain various vital processes of the apparently undivided whole. It is a dynamic interconnected process. It can be understood to be like an omnicentric, distributed and synergistic vehicle (or platform or multipurpose tool or instrument of orchestration) for reality manifestation. By its very nature, the Together UFO is an emergent, novel, and evolving innovation in planetary scale co~creation (self organization, conscious evolution, etc).

Furthermore and to distinguish, “Together” is the name of the collective of people who are the crew and passengers of the Together UFO and who are co~creating the first suite of whole systems innovations and sociotechnologies to animate the UFO which includes (but not limited to) the Together Life System, Organomics, Spiritual Philanthropy, Social Alchemy, Creatorhood, the Together Holomovement, and Togetherland (among many be-coming ‘together’). These pieces, range from governance to economics, from science to spirit, from education to infrastructure, and they all work together through the shared intention of Together to boldly go where humanity has never gone before…. to the Innerspace of potential where everything is possible.

Currently, Together understands that integrating, synthesizing, synergizing, respecting, honoring, and venerating all of our crew, and projects, and values, principles, disciplines, technologies, dreams and desires is the path to our greatest eXpression. Therefore, Together will specialize in integration, synergy and co~creation as its craft, transcending and including all parts so that a Together UFO can emerge, evolve and fulfill its destiny.

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